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Packaging Development - Medical

Ideas turned into reality


shuttlepac’s foundations are built on creating packaging solutions.

Our team of product design experts have years of experience in transforming a packaging requirement into a bespoke product. Keeping the customers needs and cost of service at the forefront of everything they do, gives us the confidence that we can meet your requirements in a cost effective way.


How do we do this?

A product designer will be assigned to your project from the outset to define the following:-
  • The key requirements of the design that must be met (including compliance)
  • The areas of the design which has scope to change
  • The cost budget

With this information, your product designer will work collaboratively with you and the rest of the shuttlepac design team to create several prototypes. Your ongoing assessment of the prototypes will determine what product meets all of your requirements.
Once we secure your approval, we proceed to the manufacturing stage.

How we manage this?

We use a live project management tool which you, as our customer, have access to in order to keep up to date and interact with the product design process. This is a 24/7 web based system so you can choose to engage when the time suits you.

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